In a written text, it is often hard to fully grasp the emotional intention and tone of the person who wrote it. We are mislead by characters devoid of any feeling, missing the communicative elements present in a face-to-face conversation: gesture, face changes, volume and intensity of the voice. How could we express anger, profound happiness or a whispering tone through punctuation?

Here’s a fantastic set of alternative punctuation marks that will put an end to this problem. Have a look around the website and feel free to download, share and use the glyphs

friendly period
friendly hyphen
friendly exclamation
friendly interrogation
sad period
sad hyphen
sad exclamation
sad interrogation
happiness tone
laughing period
laughing hyphen
laughing exclamation
laughing interrogation
euphoric period
sadness tone
crying period
crying hyphen
crying exclamation
crying interrogation
irritated period
angry period
double exclamation
exclamation comma
interrogation comma
acclamation mark
el rey
doubtful mark
authority mark
certainty mark
rhetorical question
irony mark
surprised tone
wishful tone
ruthless tone
shy interrogation
loud exclamation
disgusted voice
whispering voice
low voice
shouting voice
love period
cordiality tone
honest tone
nervous tone
frightened tone
nostalgic tone
joking tone
upset tone
sarcasm mark